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Now a days Indian traditional Market observes a significant changes into selling pattern. Most of the traders and manufacturer do the traditional marketing approach to place their products. Like they have a retail stores or tie up with dealers and distributors networks with them to sell their products. But anyone can see a change into Indian traditional Market Selling approach after implementation of GST by the Indian Government. Basically traditional buyer prefer online E-comGST Implementationmerce portal to do regular sales. One of the factor of doing online business is that sellers understand reliability factor. They rely on the online selling and do the regular exercise. I want to cite a live example of Simco Fashina India (A Traditional Seller of Corporate Gifting, Ref, who earlier believes in selling products thru stores only. They have few dealers & distributors networks and do the business. After GST implementation they approach an IT company (Vivid Techno Ref to do onilne selling & promote their brands. Now the traditional seller changes its approach to online E-commerce Selling with proper agreement with an IT Company.
This is what happened now a days.


1- GST implementation by the Indian Government will force Indian Sellers & Buyers to move towards online Selling of Products.

2- GST implementation creates opportunities for smaller seller to regularize business thru online channel



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Need and benefits of websites Websites and its benefits for user ! We all are connected through it whether its not a mandatory that user is well educated or literate...

Best Way you choose to find out the need,benefits and importance of a website listed below 

1) You can hire a employee he will work you only for 10-12 hours but a website 24x7 hours 

2) If you hire a employee you have to pay monthly a fixed amount but websites are cost effective 

3) If you have a website its generate web references self.

4) If you make your website its a finger game to increase your traffic by mobile sharing

5) If you have a website your customer approach to you 

6) if you have a website you can take feed back online and display it on your own web

7) If you have website you can share your products details and services online that you have never mismatch comments 

8) If you have website you can show your address by google map clients easily navigate there



If we look into back of few years we found that there are numerous changes occurred... Like if we just focus on some categories like for entertainment what did the people were do at 20 years before? Most common answer will be gossip ....

Now the same things happening in this time also same mode was using by the people but sources are different....

Different sources they are taking like mobile conversation and one of the best use of websites by which all users are connected through websites by chatting section....

And if we see online users who are using chatting we find-out lots of social media sites where users are engaged with .....

Near About 84% users using mobile apps in India, and connecting to another users by it. And this service only done by the IT department by making user friendly websites...

Benefits of websites are we could not count on fingers... Its beneficial for

1) kids - parents got information or check kids classroom on their mob by connecting it with school camera,

2) students get benefits by taking online pre-formatted exam papers available on websites,

3) girls can be aware with security related issues by checking girls awareness program given on government based sites

4) Adults can use it to find out solution for business and others

5) Senior citizen can avail benefits of pension by filling online forms

6) Business person can show their product and services online

7) Marketers can promote products and services to sell or purchase




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Do you know how many websites in the world?

Do you ever search that question to google or any other search engine? If no then you have to read about it in our blog section.

When i search over i get the trusted data that concludes... There are over 1.5 billion websites on the world wide web today. Of these, less than 200 million are active, and others are not ...

However, right now there are 644 million active websites on the Internet source taken by Netcraft.

Netcraft's at March 2012 website survey disclosed 644,275,754 active websites, to be precise. Half a billion is a lot. But when we're talking about the Internet, sounds kind of small.

The milestone of 1 billion websites was first reached in September of 2014, as confirmed by NetCraft in its October 2014 Web Server Survey and first estimated and announced by Internet Live Stats.

NOTE - "Website" we mean unique host name unique url (a name which can be resolved, using a name server, into an IP Address).
It must be noted that around 75% of websites today are not active, but parked domains or similar. 

But if the web pages are made by carefully then it gives the significantly large number of users of clients. 

Websites Change Internet Users Users per
Websites launched
2018 1,630,322,579 -8%      
2017 1,766,926,408 69%      
2016 1,045,534,808 21%      
2015 863,105,652 -11% 3,185,996,155* 3.7  
2014 968,882,453 44% 2,925,249,355 3.0  
2013 672,985,183 -3% 2,756,198,420 4.1  
2012 697,089,489 101% 2,518,453,530 3.6  
2011 346,004,403 67% 2,282,955,130 6.6  
2010 206,956,723 -13% 2,045,865,660 9.9 Pinterest, Instagram
2009 238,027,855 38% 1,766,206,240 7.4  
2008 172,338,726 41% 1,571,601,630 9.1 Dropbox
2007 121,892,559 43% 1,373,327,790 11.3 Tumblr
2006 85,507,314 32% 1,160,335,280 13.6 Twttr
2005 64,780,617 26% 1,027,580,990 16 YouTubeReddit
2004 51,611,646 26% 910,060,180 18 ThefacebookFlickr
2003 40,912,332 6% 778,555,680 19 WordPressLinkedIn
2002 38,760,373 32% 662,663,600 17  
2001 29,254,370 71% 500,609,240 17 Wikipedia
2000 17,087,182 438% 413,425,190 24 Baidu
1999 3,177,453 32% 280,866,670 88 PayPal
1998 2,410,067 116% 188,023,930 78 Google
1997 1,117,255 334% 120,758,310 108 Yandex, Netflix
1996 257,601 996% 77,433,860 301  
1995 23,500 758% 44,838,900 1,908 AltavistaAmazonAuctionWeb
1994 2,738 2006% 25,454,590 9,297 Yahoo
1993 130 1200% 14,161,570 108,935  
1992 10 900%      
Aug. 1991 1


See the figure chart above that shows how website designing and development work increases periodically but in 2018 its getting -8% decrement of making new websites.


Source - Netcrafts

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