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Audit of a Website

Before Launching a Website, One must think about to go with audit of website. Score of a website is necessary to understand lacuna of your website. It estimate where exactly it will be fail to perform. Is itn't it clear o you! Not to worry! Understand Audit of website with an example.

Lucrative Website Designing can not assure its Performance

Let suppose a website is designed in a best way. It is decent in overall looking and function of web pages. A layman write a good remarks to the website with functionalities & overall designing. Even with these function this particular website can not perform over different Search Engines like GOOGLE, Yaho, Bing and others. Actually performance of website depends not only with lucrative design & well developed Web Pages. It depends upon various criteria of the search Engine. For an example, HD images uploaded for Company Logo to,  as image is too heavy to download whenever it was opened by the users then due to slow performance of website it would get de-ranked from the Search Engine.Slow performance of web pages reduces the chances to reach good number of authentic buyers / target customers.

Say, another example, where images are optimised by the website designing company, but not write down any 'Attributes of Images'. Any Search Engine can easily read out Images Attributes rather than only images. So even putting optimised images in website is not a right solution. Untill and unless one put image attribute with image, it will not performed as per expectations. 

Both the examples clear that lucrative website designing is not enough to get it performed over search engines. So prior to live a website, one should do audit of the website from any experts/ professional company.

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