What is Google Question Hub | The Only Guide You Need To Know Everything

08 August 2019 by Google Question Hub 122 Views
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Google always keeps us attracted by its new tools and technologies. We have often seen new innovative products coming every now and then. It's because Google always focuses on delivering quality products for the community which makes our work and life easy on the go. The best example of it is the Google Search Engine itself. 


Google Search Engine has become the leading search engine worldwide. According to SearchEngineLand, Google received 2 trillion searches in 2016 and it's going to increase because 15% of all searches have never been searched before on Google.


This time Google again has come up with another excellent tool called Google Question Hub. Do you wanna know What is Google Question Hub Tool? Keep reading and you’ll know everything about it at the end of this article.

Not many people are aware of this new tool of Google. And those who are aware are not having access, to use it. Google Question Hub is still under beta mode. Only a few people have access to this tool and so far the response is quite good. Let’s dive in straight to our question of what is Google Question Hub Tool.


Below is the interface of Google Question Hub Tool that you will see when you first land on the page. I would recommend having an account with it. Because then it will help you understand it better that what exactly is Google Question Hub.


In this article, we’ll be covering three main topics on Google Question Hub.

  • What is Google Question Hub Tool?
  • How does Google Question Hub Tool work?
  • How you can use it for your own use?


What is Google Question Hub Tool?

 Google Question Hub Tool

Google Question Hub tool is a platform which mainly focuses on the unanswered question on the internet. This tool is really helpful for bloggers, content writers and anyone who is in digital marketing. You can find new trending topics in your niche using this free tool. It provides question which doesn’t have any proper answer on google. You can find unanswered topics on this tool and answer them using your blog or directly on the platform itself.


As of now, the Google Question Hub is only available in three countries. Those are India, Indonesia, and Nigeria. Even in terms of language, It provides its functionality only in native languages of these three countries. Which is English, Hindi, and Bahasa Indonesia.


There are people who have access to the internet in all thee three countries mentioned above. Whenever someone goes to google for a question they usually type in their mother language. There is a huge gap in content when you search for something and try to find information in your own language except English.


Let me give you an example. Hindi is the most commonly used language in India. There is a portion of the whole population who are comfortable in looking for answers to their queries in Hindi. On the other hand, there are a handful of blogs who answer those questions in the Hindi language. Therefore there is a gap which Google is trying to fill with the help of this tool. Same is the case with Nigeria and Indonesia. People are asking or looking for answers to their questions in their own mother tongue. All those unanswered questions which are asked often are available on google question hub platform.


How Does Google Question Hub Works?

Let's dive a little bit deeper into this question on how does Google Question Hub actually work. We think google knows everything. Or Google has the answer for everything but No, We are wrong.

People ask questions from google by typing their queries into the search engine. And there are still many questions which are unanswered on google. Which is why Google created this tool to identify & fill the content gap.

As I have discussed above, There were 2 trillion searches performed on google in 2016. 15% of all those search queries were new to google, means they were asked the very first time. Thus google still doesn’t have answers to many questions.

So now, can you imagine the ocean of opportunities for you if you are a blogger or content creator? Imagine if you get the key to the treasure of those questions which people are actually asking and there are no valid in-depth answers to them.


Most of the problems new bloggers face are to find new and trending topics which are less competitive. We spent hours doing keyword research and finding a good keyword. Even with that perfect keyword We still find ourselves surrounded by many competitors.


But now, Google finds out all those questions which are searched on a regular basis and accumulate them in one place. That place is Google Question Hub. You can get into this tool and select the term or topics you are interested in. After that Google will show you all the questions related to that term or topic which people haven’t answered yet.


So far, Google is giving you access to 100 questions at once. These 100 questions can be from multiple categories and topics. Once you select the list of question that you want to answer, you can then answer them on the platform or you can export them to your system using the button called export to CSV.


If you don't wish to export them to your system then, you can mark a star on any of the questions you feel are important and come back later to answer the starred questions. You’ll find a menu on the left side of the Google Question Hub App. Clicking on the Star button will add the question to the starred category. And clicking on the starred category on the left menu will bring the list of your starred important questions.


On top of the left menu, there is a button of Add Questions. Clicking on this button will take you to a screen where you can search for a particular term or topic you are interested in. Once you select your topics google will populate all the question asked around that topic and bring them in the Questions tab.

adding question in google question hub

Performance tab on the left menu allows you to see the performance of your answers. You can see the number of the question you have answered, articles you have written, search impression and search clicks on those answers.


Performance Tab in Google Question Hub

There is a Settings button provided on the left menu. Here, You can configure display language, question language, and country.

You can connect your sites to the google question hub and authorize it to access your Search Console data this way it will provide you more comprehensive reports on questions that you have answered.

If you ever would like to reset your activity or delete your account for question hub. You can do that here in settings. Here, You can also use the export to CSV option in settings to export all your data from google question hub to an excel sheet.

Settings in Google Question Hub

When you are in the performance section, there is a button at the right bottom of the google question hub app. That says View Rejected Question, Clicking on that button will take you to the history page of google question hub. Here you can see a list of all the answered and rejected questions.

The last button you have on the left menu is the Send feedback button. Since this tool is still in beta version, Google wants to take your valuable feedback on the tool. Google wants to find out if this tool is helpful for people or not. 


How you can use it for your own use?

If you have made with us this far then the answer to this question is very obvious to you. If you haven’t and rushed down to this section, let me help you.


Let's suppose you are a blogger, 

Now how can you utilize this free tool to grow your blog online? Well, being a blogger you can understand the competition on the web. With the help of google question hub, you can easily find new and trending topics on which you can write articles. 


We spend a lot of our time finding quality keywords and topics for our next article. But now the search ends. You can easily head over to google question hub and select the topics in your niche and get all the questions that aren’t answered yet. 


Once you start answering those questions you’ll see there is less competition in doing this. Because we are not targeting a big audience. We are only targeting a small amount of people who are actively searching for these particular topics. 


You will attract few people on your articles but you’ll notice these people are worth attracting instead of not attracting anyone at all. Google Question Hub will make your work easier. You get all those questions in one place which you have been looking for to create your upcoming articles.




In this article, we learned about what is Google Question Hub? How to use it and how we can utilize it for our own use.  If you like this article and find it helpful in understanding what is Google Question Hub. Please share it with others you think may get benefit from this piece of information. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section.