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Download file from server by php code

This is a very beautiful effect to show that your downloadable file is still downloading and you have to wait for this.

If this type effect we dont make then sometime user left that url and thing its a miss leading website only for hits. Just take it and put where you want to show ....

Application where we use it

1) For game

2) For Image

3) For files

4) For media

5) For video

6) For Audio

5) For any file which are on server


Developer - Sachin Kumar Ram


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Download free Online Support Box for live clients website admin can chat and resolve the issues instantly.. Click here to see DEMO

Developer - Sachin Kumar Ram

₹1,000.00 INR
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Vivid techno provides users and developers here to get free tools and coding to download and put it to their work make special effect by using this techniques they can make games and beautiful web pages for corporate and others clients.


1) To create beautiful web pages 

2) To create effects in games 

3) Make effects in apps

Developer - Sachin Kumar Ram 

To See Demo of this effect kindly click here 

Website Desiging Effects Code By Vividtechno



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