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SEO & SMO are Compulsory Options for Business

SEO & SMO are compulsion of internet activities / e-business. Simply understand, a business person (ABC Catering Service Provider) make a website that is very attractive, easy to navigate, and very good features over the websites. A user came to internet, open Google and search his requirement of catering. User obviously get 10 URL suggested by the Google Search Engine.

Now what user will do?

Yes! it is simple, He open first few URLs from the first page and if he get satisfied then dealt with catering service provider, otherwise go to other pages too.

What is the inferences?

  1. User get the services from first few URLs shown by the search engine.
  2. Most of the business happened over first page.
  3. Rare chances to go with second page
  4. least chances to go bottom links.

What to do by ABC Catering Service Provider?

But obvious he should consult to SEO Expert (Vividians) to tackle concerns.

What Vividian will do to promote ABC Catering Service Provider?

  • SEO Experts Vividian, will analyse the web pages as per SEO algorithm
  • Generate reports to match the canonical keyword density
  • Prepare a blueprint of off-pages and on-pages strategies
  • Share the plan of SEO ranking to the business person.
  • After approval on keywords, implementation of strategies
  • Presence on various social media 
  • Every month report generation of keywords

Impact of SEO & SMO to ABC Catering Service Provider?

  • Web pages submitted to search engine "Google"
  • When a user search catering service provider "ABC catering Service Providers website came on top of the search engine rank.
  • conversion of business become more fast.
  • New sales channel opened with least cost.
  • increment in business with less cost means profit increment.
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