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I recall a very well known said in Indian Industry 

"जो दिखता है, वो बिकता है !"

Very well designed and attractive pages are being considered by user, even though content is the key in current scenario. And on the contrary it is very difficult to impress anyone at first look. Designing is ever a difficult task. Understand clients perception, taste & his concept with various parameter then match it with technical parameter is always a difficult to judge and implement. 

In Vivid Development Services Pvt Ltd, we priorities technical parameter so that it would get leverages over the competitive web page. This is the prime moto to finalise a design of website. 

Following are the basic steps to finalise design of a web page:

  • Understanding the nature of Web Application
  • Understanding criteria of Designing of owner of website
  • Theme development of website
  • color combination and layout designing
  • Text Font preference
  • CSS Writing
  • Approval from website owner
  • Implementation of designing


Website Designing off-course a typical job work, but Vividian make it easy process to the clients. We here as a website designing company came forward with definite ideas of categorisation of designing to help our new and existing clients to perceive designing ideas. Below are the list of category of website designing:

  • Static Website Designing

    • Static Website is basically a collection of web pages, that does not have any run time changes. Most of the time customers are confused with this definition and perceived that static website does not have moving objects, like slide effects and other designing effects. We extremely condemn this definition and clarifies that static web pages can have various designing impacts but they doesnot have database connectivity. When any changes required in the website, a web designer or website designing company can do changes, otherwise all slides, designer rotation and animated images and swf files are the part of static website.
    • Designing of a static website has a proceeded with understanding of color combination preferred by the customers.
    • Matching color with LOGO of the customers
    • Using brightness and contrast color optimisation.
    • Theme initialisation & Template designing
    • Layout designing with column and areas to focus main objectives of the website.
    • CSS Writing for Text size and other options
    • Aprroval and implementation of Designing.
  • Dynamic Website Designing

    • on the contrary of static website designing , Dynamic website has connectivity with database and produces run time changes in the website. Designing in dynamic website is little bit technical than static website designing and can be completed with the co-ordination of developer of dynamic website. All the above process of static website designing are taken into account and above said co-ordination with developers are extra. 
    • Browser compatibility and other concern of designing will be extra taken care here.
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